We are a network of committed residents and community organisations who recognise the need to take action to build a healthy, more connected and liveable community.  We create opportunities for community engagement, building strong networks and valuable social capital.  A key role of the group is to advocate for members of our community.

We are concerned about a number of local issues:

  • Safety of local roads, in particular, Dulong/Philipps Road, Thrushs Road and the Dulong Lookout.
  • Lack of social infrastructure, no community space, pedestrian-friendly walkways and access to public transport.
  • Operations of the Dulong Quarry.
  • Recognition and community identity.
  • Vision and planning for a growing community.

Dulong Futures is not aligned with any particular political organisation

We hope to raise awareness, encourage discussion and strengthen understanding of how our community has been shaped over time.  Importantly, the actions and contributions we can make to build a better and fairer world for all people.  Flyer, click here.

In April 2017, Dulong Futures joined OSCAR – Organisation of Sunshine Coast Associations of Residents.  

OSCAR is the peak body for community associations on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, advocating on behalf of its members to all levels of government.

Dulong – the forgotten community

Eight simple changes to our neighbourhoods can help us age well, an article published in The Conversation on 12 October 2017 states there is a short list of evidence-based steps local and state governments can take to assist older people to be physically active.  

However, effective neighbourhood design to build a healthy, liveable community is missing in Dulong.  Currently, there are no footpaths, only one 480 metre linking walkway that is unsuitable for people with a disability or mobility issues.  Also, there is no access to public transport, yet ratepayers are charged a transport levy.  We are encouraged to walk, along roads designed exclusively for motor vehicles, and there are no places to rest, such as a bench.

In 2017, the Sunshine Coast Council endorsed the ‘proactive’ Environment and Liveablity Strategy.  We hope this will highlight the gaps between a policy and the reality of living in Dulong.  Importantly, this community continues to grow, due to residential development.  It is time that infrastructure charges collected by council are finally reinvested back into this community that is slipping further behind with vital public infrastructure. 

According to ABS Census (2016) data, 31.9% of our residents are 60 years of age and older.  This is higher than the Queensland and Australian average.  The research is in, policies have been adopted.  Now it’s time to act and address local issues that impact healthy ageing and liveability in Dulong.  

Did you know?

The Conversation, 7 December 2015

In an extensive review of liveability definitions used in academic and grey literature in Australia and internationally, we found some consistent factors.

Critical factors for liveable communities are:

  • residents feeling safe, socially connected and included;
  • environmental sustainability; and
  • access to affordable and diverse housing options linked via public transport, walking and cycling infrastructure to employment, education, local shops, public open space and parks, health and community services, leisure and culture.

These are the essential ingredients for a liveable community.  They are needed to promote health and wellbeing in individuals, build communities and support a sustainable society.

The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services agrees with our definition. It has been adopted in the recently released Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2015-2019.

This plan provides the overarching framework to support and improve the health and wellbeing of all Victorians.

We believe, with the support of various of levels of government, we can create a more liveable, thriving community that promotes healthy, happy people and community well being and equity.