Community Living History Project

Sharing Our Stories at Nambour Together 2017

Nambour Together is a community event that celebrates everything local.  The event, in its third year, brings communities, groups and organisations, and businesses together for an enjoyable day in Quota Park.  It was a perfect opportunity to share stories of Dulong’s heritage, especially Dulong State School which closed 50 years ago, and Dulong-Kureelpa School of Arts.

UPDATE: 26 June 2017

We’re pleased to share some news about the need for accessible public open space in the Dulong area. 

The Draft Environment and Liveability Strategy contains Council’s open space network planning for the future.

The Draft Strategy has recognised the need for a centrally located local park in the Dulong area.  Following the adoption of the Draft Strategy, an implementation plan will be prepared to prioritise the land acquisition program, to secure additional open space land required now and for the future.  

At this stage no funding, timing or priority has been allocated to land purchases. 
Further, in regard to saving our heritage, the Kureelpa-Dulong School of Arts site and remains will be investigated in the process.  
It has been brought to the attention of the Council that the site contains valuable heritage which is at risk because the land is currently on the market, approved for residential development.  

So we hope to get some answers soon!  

Save the Site and Remains of the Dulong-Kureelpa School of Arts


Growing Support!
Lots of conversations and more signatures on the petition, including respected local historian, Audienne Blyth.
For more information, please contact us.  Also, the online petition is available and we value your comments.


Connecting people to our heritage in Dulong before it’s too late!

Coming soon… the compelling story of the Dulong-Kureelpa School of Arts will be retold in a professional video, part of a social media campaign with an important message – we need your support to return ownership of the 1/2 acre site of Dulong-Kureelpa School of Arts back to the community as intended when this portion of land was gifted to the community in 1906 by Mr James Allen Dalzell.

Sharing your inspiring ideas to creatively reimagine the space…

  • To incorporate the road reserve, corner Thrushs and Dulong Road and create a bushland reserve with rest stop for walkers and informal meeting place with picnic tables and shelter.
  • A living history project; a place for locals and visitors to explore stories of our heritage and learn how the philosophy of the School of Arts movement influenced the people of Dulong and neighbouring communities to act, to get together and contribute to the social development of Dulong and the region.

There’s more…

  • To create a unique venue for open air weddings and wedding photography this ties in with the Sunshine Coast Hinterland as a popular wedding destination. This is also another way to connect people to our heritage by sharing the story of the wedding of William Dalzell to Rosa Bruhn in 1907 through the installation of an interpretive plaque.
Celebrating 110 years Dulong-Kureelpa School of Arts on Saturday 26 November 2016

The site has been reconfigured into a residential allotment, currently on the market with an asking price $325,000 to $350,000.  Also, the real estate agent is suggesting the site be cleared which means the stumps of the Dulong-Kureelpa School of Arts, the last link to this significant heritage site will be lost forever.

‘The choice on whether to build up near to the road to lessen the costs of driveway and services is an option or a winding driveway leading to a house site back behind the trees for more privacy is the other option available.’ 
(Day & Grimes – website viewed 30 December 2016)

Map from Day and Grimes Real Estate website viewed 30 December 2016

On behalf of the Dulong community and Sunshine Coast communities, a letter has been sent to Cr Greg Rogerson, Division 10, raising concerns about the future of this important heritage site, asking that the ½ acre portion of land be acquired by the Sunshine Coast Council and reinstated as valuable public infrastructure with a use relevant to the growing community of Dulong and visitors.

An intriguing story is emerging, as we trawl through the records.
From when the School of Arts opened in 1906 through to about 1919, good governance is evident, with regular advertisements in The Chronicle notifying ratepayers about important meetings and social activities.

We’re slowly learning more about the role of Trustees, and land held in a Trust.
We’re grappling with a serious legal concern, how a philanthropic act of gifting land to the community is not recognised and honoured.
Is philanthropy dead in a market driven economy?

More as this unfolds.

If you’d like to get involved and contribute to the campaign, please contact Gillian on 0403 505 866 or email