Coming soon … Tagalong Walk & Talk, to explore Dulong and connect with neighbours.

Dulong Futures at Nambour Together 2017

At Nambour Together on Sunday 30 July 2017

Lots of interest in the intriguing stories of Dulong State School, and especially Dulong-Kureelpa School of Arts.

It was good to make lots of new connections and to hear your stories, with the promise of some special photos.  Also, we’re looking forward to more conversations at our next Community Coffee Meet-Up on 22 August.

Thanks to everyone, for showing your support, to save the Dulong-Kureelpa School of Arts site/remains and return it to the community, by signing the petition and sharing knowledge.

A HUGE thank you to Dulong neighbours and friends who put in lots of time and effort today, and the weeks leading up to this wonderful community event.

Dulong Futures at Nambour Together 2017

Sharing Our Stories at Nambour Together 2017Nambour Together is a community event that celebrates everything local. The event is in its third year and brings communities, groups and organisations, and businesses, together for an enjoyable day in Quota Park. It was a perfect opportunity to share stories of Dulong’s heritage, especially Dulong State School which closed 50 years ago, and Dulong-Kureelpa School of Arts.

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Dulong Futures at Nambour Together

Sunday 30 July 2017; getting ready has begun!

The event aims to showcase local creativity, activities and spirit of Nambour, to celebrate the uniqueness, resilience and diversity of Nambour.
Also, the event aims to build local capacity by facilitating a day that brings together providers of community services with the people they support, to connect, share ideas and work together, strengthening relationships and encouraging future collaborative projects.

Dulong Futures community group is proud to be a member of the Nambour Together 2017 working group.

Dulong Futures plans to continue what we started in 2016, and host a ‘Poetry & Storytelling Tent’, a legacy to Australian Bush Poet, John Major.
We hope to bring together a diverse group of talented, differently able people who would like to share their thoughts and words through poetry and storytelling with an appreciative audience.

There’s lots of ways to get involved!

If you’d like to join us and need to know more, please contact Gillian on 0403 505 866, or email

JOINING OUR NEIGHBOURS AND FRIENDS AT NAMBOUR TOGETHER 2016!Special thanks to our community minded residents for sharing their time and talents, to build the relationship with our neighbours in Nambour and surrounding communities.What a surprise to meet Elly who shared her family's contribution to the history of development in Dulong, including the naming of Platypus Creek Road, Maroochy Spring Drive and Tembler Place.Lots more to share soon!

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Early Morning Walks – Monday to Friday

Meeting place at the walkway entrance, Dulong School Road at 6.00 am (during winter 7.00am).  Parking available.

Come along as we make our way down the walkway (480m) into Bushland Place and Macadamia Rise.  The returning uphill walk on the new walkway gets your heart pumping.  The full walk takes about one hour, just over 4 km (6500 steps) and equivalent to climbing 30 floors!  Bushland Place provides a popular, shorter walk on level ground.

It’s a great way to start the day! 

Info: Gillian 0403 505 866


Dulong Community Coffee Meet-Up

4th Tuesday Each Month

Flaxton Barn at 9.30am.

  • Connect/reconnect with neighbours and enjoy a cuppa and conversation together
  • An opportunity to make new friends
  • Catch up on local news
  • Share ideas
  • Have fun! 





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  1. Monday 9 January 2017:
    Watching the sun rise on another beautiful day in Dulong!
    M-F Early Morning Walks begin at 6.00am, starting at the walkway entrance in Dulong School Road or Tagalong as we make our way …
    Down the 480m walkway into Bushland Place, Macadamia Rise and Platypus Creek Road. Returning along the same route.
    We stick to the walkway and roadway to keep our feet dry!

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