Dulong Quarry

19 September 2017: Have you noticed the changes taking place at Dulong Quarry?

Property owners in this area are concerned about quality of water pumped from the pit that enters the creek. Also, growing concern about the reason behind moving the fence and the relocation of top soil to the Dulong School Road boundary.

Dulong Quarry September 2017

Dulong Quarry 19 September 2017Have you noticed the changes taking place at Dulong Quarry? Property owners in this area are concerned about quality of water pumped from the pit that enters the creek. Also, growing concern about the reason behind moving the fence and the relocation of top soil to the Dulong School Road boundary.

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6 September 2017: What happened to the trees on the western side of Dulong State School, planted as a windbreak in 1952 – cleared by quarry operators?

Dulong School’s First Arbor Day

Fifty pine trees were planted at the Dulong School’s Arbor Day ceremony on Friday last [2 May 1952].

The school was re-opened about six weeks ago after being closed for many years. At luncheon, Mr. H. Brown (president of the School Committee) extended a welcome to all present, including Mr. D. A. Low, M.L.A. and Mrs. Low. Mr. A. Thompson (chairman Shire Council) and Miss M. Zupp (head teacher).

Mr. Brown thanked Mr. Low for his successful efforts on behalf of the residents in having the Dulong school re-opened. It was now the responsibility of the parents to see that it was kept open by sending their children regularly, and thus keep the attendance up to the required number.

In his remarks, Mr. Low stressed the importance of district educational facilities which offered an opportunity for the children and the parents to develop to the full that community spirit which was so necessary in small country centres.

Mr. Thompson also thanked the president for his kind words of welcome and expressed pleasure at being present on such an important occasion. He wished the school every success in the future.

Mr. R. Cordwell (secretary of the School Committee) said’ the function was a memorable day so far as the Dulong district was concerned. Mr. Cordwell congratulated Miss M. Zupp (head teacher) for the interest she has taken in the children and the manner in which she is conducting the school.

The trees will eventually serve as a windbreak on the western, side of the school. Mrs. D. A. Low planted the first tree.

During the morning games were enjoyed by the children, and in the afternoon ice-cream, sweets and soft drinks were distributed.

Photo from 2015 at the Dulong Quarry, site of Dulong State School, although the landscape has changed significantly; and 1960s section of a map showing the location of Dulong State School.

1952 ‘Dulong School’s First Arbor Day‘, Nambour Chronicle and North Coast Advertiser (Qld. : 1922 – 1954), 9 May, p. 5. , viewed 06 Sep 2017, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article78737224

How far have we come in 35 years?

It seems once upon a time our communities worked together, concerns about the Dulong Quarry still exist, and there are many more homes and residents living in Dulong today, with more to come!

Chronicle 2 December 1982, page 10 …
Group seeks cliff fence
Kureelpa/Dulong Residents and Ratepayers Association wants immediate construction of a strong fence around Maroochy Shire Council’s basalt quarry at Dulong.

Association president Grahame Garner said the quarry was protected by only a flimsy cattle fence.

The quarry has a face of about 15 metres.

Local residents fear a child could fall into the quarry unless adequate fencing is built.

The council has shelved consideration of a fence until the future of the quarry is decided.

Kureelpa, Dulong and Mapleton residents want the quarry phased out. However the council is trying to acquire at least another four hectares of land from a neighbour to extend the site.

Mr Garner said the only resumptions in the area should be for rehabilitation of the quarry.

“There are too many residents in the area for extension of the quarry,” Mr Garner said.

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Monday 5 June 2017:  Informal Meeting With Quarry Coordinator

At the request of concerned Dulong residents, Matt Bradley, Quarry Coordinator, Sunshine Coast Council, listened to residents concerns, answered questions and went through the report from the last blast which took place on 10 April 2017.

From our understanding, the reports indicate various readings from monitors, and were under recommended guidelines and therefore did not indicate any issues.  This is at odds with people’s experiences on the day of the blast.

On this occasion, there was noticeably more dust produced.  The location of the blast was in a different area to previous blasts and a significant amount of material was produced –  35,000 tonnes, enough to stockpile towards the annual target amount of 45,000 tonnes.  Consequentially the quarry management do not need to blast very often, to ‘minimise annoyance’, the impact on the community.

Matt emphasised that the Sunshine Coast Council is a ‘service provider’ and the Dulong Quarry has a life span of about eighty years as a managed resource to service around 98% of the Council’s needs.  
Modelling is being developed for the resource and plan for future blasting, to improve efficiency and effectiveness.  
Also discussed, drainage issues (run off from Dulong School Road), the future of Dulong School Road and the possibility of relocating the entrance of the quarry to a new location on Sherwell Road as the pit area progressively changes.
Matt said it is difficult to predict what the quarry will look like into the future until modelling is completed and areas containing resources for extraction are clearly identified.

Cr Greg Rogerson recently requested information and an interpretation of blasting operations.  Council and relevant government departments continue to receive feedback from concerned members of the community.  At today’s meeting we wanted Matt to be aware of the level of community concern about the operations of the quarry, reflected in the feedback Dulong Futures has received.  Matt wants everyone to know, he is happy to meet with people to discuss their concerns, just like he did with us today.

Location of monitors on 10 April 2017

Contact details: Matt Bradley
Quarry Coordinator, Quarry Services
P: 5459 2801
E: matthew.bradley@sunshinecoastqld.gov.au


Words by Gillian Hall

Monday 5 June 2017 UPDATE

Our community Facebook page proved an effective way to reach neighbours when we asked for feedback about the quarry blast on 10 April 2017.

More than 270 people reached the post, and here’s what you had to say  …

Monday 10 April 2017 Quarry Blast @ 2.00pm

Living with a Quarry as your next door neighbour.

View from 100 Dulong School Road


Photo: Dulong State School circa 1939 courtesy of Mr Patrick McAnalen

The Dulong Quarry is the former home of the Dulong State School which closed in 1967, making way for the council-owned quarry. 

Dulong lost another public space, in a central location within our community.

Blasting at the Dulong Quarry, corner Dulong School Road and Sherwell Road, usually occurs on a nine-month cycle.  Material from the Dulong Quarry leaves the area by truck, travelling along Sherwell Road, then down to the Image Flat Quarry for processing.

The last blasts were on 10 April 2017 and 19 May 2016.

A letter and email notification system are in place to inform residents about impending blasting operations.

If you would like to register for council’s notification service, please send the following details by email to Quarries@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au
~ Name
~ Address
~ Email address

Matt Bradley
Quarry Coordinator, Quarry Services
5459 3998


The Dulong Quarry blasted its way in our consciousness on Tuesday morning, 19 August 2014.

The blast had a big impact on the Dulong community.  Many residents reported property damage which they felt was directly related to the blast.

Several people have privately pursued damage claims.  Most residents who reported damage are still waiting on an inspection of their property.  Apparently, the Sunshine Coast Council and Quarry Management lost the list containing residents details, collected at a community meeting at the quarry in relation to this issue.

Community action resulted in the notification system that is now in place.  After the blast in May 2016, a request to meet with Quarry Management and Cr Rogerson, to discuss the impact of the blast, improvements to the notification system and release of reports and information, seem to have been ignored.

Extract from an email dated 21 August 2014 sent to a residents email group, written by local resident Gillian Hall,

Hello Concerned Residents,

Re: Dulong Quarry blasting on Tuesday 19 August 2014.

Thank you to everyone that took the time to provide feedback

Responses were received from Dulong Road northern end to the ‘dip’ approaching Phillips Road and Woodland Place.

Thank you to Cr Greg Rogerson who phoned me the same afternoon the complaint was made and it has resulted in a speedy response from the quarry manager.

From my understanding, the blasting on the day in question took place in a different manner to the usual procedure.

This is what you had to say…

“My wife at XXX Dulong Road ran out side as the house shook thinking something had fallen on the roof”.

“The quarry has been there for many years. They used to have a siren before they blasted. It doesn’t happen too often. Our house shook too, must have been a big blast”.

“Thank you for informing us of the blasting. It shook our house badly, rattling the chairs on the tiled floor. We wondered what it was?”

“I was shocked by the intensity and vibration from the blast. I had tradespeople from Coastal Skylights on my roof at the time and they were shocked by the vibration”.

“Through word of mouth suspected blasting damage has been reported to me from a household on Dulong Road earlier this year but I was not sure how to about investigations and so could not advise these people”.

“I heard it and recognised what it was as this used to happen all the time years ago. I haven’t been aware of blasting for many years. Don’t know why it has started again”.

“I also heard the explosions from my place; very loud and concerning for anyone who did not know what they were or the reason for them. I suggest that Council should be providing an advanced warning notice to householders in the area which would provide the date and timing of further detonations at the quarry”.

“We have been here 34 years and there was a lot of blasting and trucks using Dulong Road from the quarry for many years, so the other residents who have been here for 30 years either have short memories or this was a bigger blast than what we have had in the past. It is certainly not new to this area. I mentioned the trucks in a previous email to you”.

“Yes we here at Nos. XXX and XXX (northern end of) Dulong Road certainly heard it”.

“It set the dogs off across the road. My neighbour from XXX came rushing across the garden to me. She was very concerned as to what the devil it was, although I said I thought it might have been the quarry. However, it is the first time I can remember an explosion there (at least whilst I have actually been home). Anyway, my neighbour said she thought it was closer. She has lived here for 30 years and says she’s never heard anything like it before”.

About the quarry:

“The trucks at the quarry seem to be increasing as of late as you come along Dulong School Rd onto Sherwell Rd they are often roaring out at speed – it can be quite dangerous”.

“Has dilapidation surveys been done on any houses in regards to the blasting?

Noise monitoring requirements may also need to be investigated.  We are currently doing some of these on our road works”.