Progress Vs. Heritage

For Sale, the Dulong-Kureelpa School of Arts approved for residential development by Sunshine Coast Council.

This heritage site contains the weathered stumps of the Dulong-Kureelpa School of Arts that has little $$$ value, however, we need to develop a way of assessing and understanding value.

“Living heritage” is a concept that encourages us to think more deeply about the value of sites such as the Dulong-Kureelpa School of Arts through the contribution it can make to the community and the cultural narrative of Dulong.

Heritage will always be a complex issue, but understanding places such as the Dulong-Kureelpa School of Arts needs to go beyond assumptions that progress is development and destruction, to create something new, to consider cultural (and environmental) dimensions.

This is an opportunity to save and protect a heritage site and add a new layer to the story of a place without compromising its identity and integrity. It’s time to save and protect this site for citizens and visitors to explore, to gain a deeper understanding of our past and how we have shaped the area.